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WEEK 2: Theme: Fast of Great Joy and Fresh Oil….Basic Expectations and Prayer Blocks

Day 8 – 14..

Fasting And Prayer: Theme …Fasting of Great Joy, Fresh Oil.

Week 2: Basic expectations and Prayer blocks…

ANCHOR VERSE: Num 11:7&8…

1. Blessed Career…

2. Exposure/experience and platform for manifestation

3. Understanding of the word of God

4. The Instrumentality of men/helpers of destiny.

5. The Streams of wealth and increased flexible capacity.

6. Fresh oil

7. Power with God, power with man and prevailing Power.

Brake of fast is still at 5:30-6pm. Focus on the points above when praying and consider the key verse for this phase…Num 11:7&8. And also the three verses that will be circulated each day.

You are lifted

In Him!

The Itinerant/Prospector

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