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JER 1:10&11/JN 13:14&15/Matt 20:8&9

 MAR 24/2021

…. Teach me thy way, o Lord….

Ps 27:11


Welcome to the almond tree.  The way depicts direction, choice, decision, approach to a matter, solution, or route.  The way of the Lord is that approach that is given from God and which ends up in success for his glory.  Every day of our lives, we face the demand to take action and make choices.  In some instances, those choices end up in success or error, losses, and pain instance especially when we act without following God’s Way.  Inability to follow or know God’s way and approach in decision making is often because of inability to hear God, inability to recognize his voice or light, and deliberate disobedience and refusal to follow the way he shows.

Disobedience is often because the way seems uncommon or unattractive to the human sense.  This is buttressed by the word in Prov 16v25, which says “there is a way seems right to a man, but its end is destruction“.  This means, the beginning of the way does not matter, but how the way ends.  We should hence not be deceived that by any way before us with attractive looks.  The way of the Lord is known by his light in us and the unseen light by its door.

The way of the Lord is a spiritually discerned way that has an assurance of benefits along the route and a safe ending.  The way is the preserve of those who have a continuous and constant relationship and reality of God’s presence in them.  The way is easy to know for those who have been used to his voice, acquainted with his word and thankful always at his answer anytime it comes.  God reveals his way to such folks, he teaches the way to such people.

How do we know the Way of the Lord?  The way of God is known and indicated by the light in God’s word.  The way appears and indicated by his word or revealed into our spirit by God.  Ps 103v7 tells us that He made his ways known unto Moses…It means it is God that makes his way Known, as we read His word, in a dream, of the night, by a sounding voice, image or by his Angels.  This was the case with the man Lot when he was told to leave Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19v15-23).  The word from behind comes to speak the way into our ears, Isa 30v21.  This I call the word of the whispering angels of God.  All these means are anchored on the reality of the word and the presence of God in us as well as how much we trust in the light of God when he leads us.  He teaches us his ways by training us with little issues until we master his voice.  He said his sheep knows his voice and will not follow a stranger.

Those that know God’s way are his Sheep. God bless us as we submit to know his way, for our benefit and for the body of Christ gain. Amen!!!


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