JER 1:10&11/JN 13:14&15/Matt 20:8&9

MAR 16/2021
…. but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD….
Josh 24:15

Welcome to the almond tree.  Today we will consider an excerpt from the book of Joshua chapter 24 v 15.

But, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

The word BUT means the statements mentioned before the word BUT has no more relevance…It’s a sharp turn from the earlier statement. Joshua was pronouncing a stand that was contra wise to the lifestyle of those living in the same area with him but not with him in God.  He called those that chose to serve God members of his house…This means the real family is not the biological family, only those who serve and believe in the same God are our family…

The use of the word …ME.. portrays an identity and shows that he was willing to be an example.  He would lead by example and then his house will follow.  Those with him were his house.  This statement was also a faith word that he was surely going to have a house large enough to serve God.

He adds the word ..WE…To show that he and his house would not only have individual relationship with God but also a unified service to God.   He was going to serve God individually, as a family with his house, and collectively as a nation.  He did not keep this secret.  It was a public declaration, a decision he made to put a difference between him and others.  His declaration was proof that he would lead, his family would follow, and this would become a national and future thing.

This declaration committed the future of his generation to the service of the Lord.  The confession committed and translated all their actions as service to the Lord.  The declaration stood Joshua and his family and generation out for the work of God, as such he ended well.

We too should boldly make similar declarations, especially in times like this when many seem weary and turning from the service of the Lord.  Will we serve the old system and mammon, or will we serve the Lord with our house…The word house also meant, all he had in his possession, tangible and intangible, substance, and service. As you decide today and make this same declaration, I believe that you put yourself in a place to be different and set apart for eternal service to the Lord.  The declaration adds you and your House to the roll for eternal victory and for eternal benefits from the throne of Grace through Christ.  Amen!

And so we declare that ..as for us and our houses, we will serve the Lord.



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