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JER 1:10&11/JN 13:14&15/Matt 20:8&9

MAR 05/2021
…. Charity Never Faileth….
1 Cor 13:8

Hello, at the Almond Tree, today, I present an answer to any form of failure in your life; Love!  The three basic areas of life that questions often come from as embedded in the account of Christ’s temptation in Matt 4 are, Sustenance question: how to meet with our feeding needs, no wonder the devil asked Christ to turn stone to bread, the Social and safety question, who we become in society in comparison to the highest social or community standard and what is the assurance of our safety in the event of a deterioration in security and social apparatus. 

At that time, the office of the high priest was one of the greatest appointments to hold, no wonder he took Christ to the top of the temple to offer him the sight of all that he would control if he accepted to jump from the temple top.  The offer to jump was symbolic of testing God’s promise, a sign of unbelief and trusting in the system of this world.  But thank God that Christ saw beyond this deceitful offer and trusted God without any doubt.  The last question is on the issue of our spiritual life, what we believe and who we submit to without any eye on whatsoever reward.  He took him to the highest point of the mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, asked him to bow and worship him to earn and take the kingdoms.  

Thank God that Christ did not yield to this question either, but he rather took the advantage to see and seize all that the devil at taken from mankind back.  Christ had the knowledge that all things were for him, the conditions imposed by the devil were inconsequential to his reward.  He knew God and what was available and permissible for him.   Christ did all things because of one substance that gave him strength all through these trails, his love for you and I.  He did not fail us because he loved us even before we were brought forth into this world.  In all his love pulled through to save us.  As such there is an assurance of our social, security, sustenance supply.  All other keys to success in life may fail, all forms of wisdom may not yield, but Christ, who is Love and whom is God (Jn 10v30) and God who is Love (1 Jn 4v8) will never fail.  Charity, same as Love, failed not.  Let Love build peace in you, respond to that matter in with the eye of love otherwise also mercy, let your perspective to all matters go through a Love test and you will see how much power exists in you and that all things engaged by love cannot fail.  Love never fails. If the Love of Christ rules in me then I can never be poor, I can never fail, and nothing fails around me! Celebrate!!!!


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