JN 13 V 1- 17

MAR 01/2021

1 Sam 2:9

…. He will keep the feet of his saints….

Welcome Under the Almond Tree, take your seat as I wash your feet.  This short excerpt of scripture paints an eternally assuring image and picture.  A life guarantee for the saints.  The verse conveys a strong message to the saints of God.  His saints, we the righteous have a guarantee of God’s presence and its provision as we go into the world and fulfill his will in all our doings.  His saints…are described in 2 Cron 16 v 9, those whose hearts are perfect towards him.  1 COR 1V2…The saints are those called unto the church, sanctified in Christ, they believe and call upon the name of Christ and are thus called SAINTS.  The Saints are those who preach the glad tidings of Got. Whose feet are made beautiful (Isa 52v7) …To these the eyes of the Lord run to and from the earth to show himself strong on our behalf.  He will keep the feet of his saints …. This phrase is a confidence builder that promotes our peace as his Saints and guarantees our safety in God through Christ and by the help of The Holy Spirit, our comforter.  He…denotes God…This word introduces the assuring presence of God with us in all situations around us.  The phrase: He Will, assures us of God’s commitment to be available for us, we are sure that He is in us and will prove himself as our help in all our goings.  He will, this is not conditional, it’s not in doubt, God will at all cost be available for us to help us.  He may not appear in person, but he will send help as promised. Heb 13:5He will Keep the feet…This assures me as a saint, that any step I take is kept, any sector I decide to engage is mine, my feet is kept, I cannot be sacked, I cannot be rejected…He keeps my feet.  The feet are symbolic of my interest and areas where God leads me to or where I chose to step into in fulfilling his will and even my biddings PS 17V5, 18V36.  Glory to God.  He will keep the feet also means that we wont slip, fall and we will not dash our feet against a stone (PS 91 V 11-12) as to enter error. And even if we dash our feet, he keeps us from falling and even if we fall, we are lifted PS 94 V 18, cleaned up and encouraged to keep moving (PS 40V1-2). Glory to God!   I am a Saint of God.  God keeps my feet, and my goings are eternally established. In this I am happy and confident in Jesus Name. Amen!!


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