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Theme:Angelic/Supernatural Lifting [Day 1-7]

Day 1 – 7

Fasting And Prayer: Theme …Fasting of Great Joy, Fresh Oil and Angelic Supernatural Liftings…

Week 1 : Angelic Supernatural Liftings

Anchor Scriptures: PS 91:11&12 – Job 22:29&30

Basic expectations:

1. The call of God will be clear, and sure

2. Education/Enlightenment: That God brings us into his school of wisdom to teach and enlighten our path

3. Quickened Memory and mind for the word of God..we have clear memory and sight to find revelation knowledge, memory to recall the word in spirit and mind…

4. The supremacy of God is established in all our affairs

5. Streams of God’s healing unctions by his mighty power flow into and out of us..

6. We have Great Joy

7. Self-control.. We are in control of our self .. self-control as a fruit is established… nothing in the world is permitted to rule over you, not flesh not the affairs of this world…Job 23:8-13...

The above and more that God will be showing you are the expectations as God told me for this week as we progress…

Reach me on personal WhatsApp for any other clarification…

At 5:30 pm we will begin prayers for a break of fast on these points above and more from the three verses of scriptures that I shared last night…..

You are lifted

In Him!

The Itinerant/Prospector

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