The Itinerant Marks 40th Birthday

It’s a great day like this our Daddy, the Itinerant/Prospectors marks his 40th birthday celebrations. It’s a new beginning and a new face of life for our Daddy.

We are grateful to God for making it possible for us to celebrate with the Itinerant and family to mark these indelible memories that we would all keep to remember in life to come. It’s a wonderful day for our daddy, as sons and daughters of the Itinerant and the GTP Ministries entirely we want to say it’s a great day to celebrate.

We wish our daddy the Itinerant a Happy 40th Birthday celebration and many more years to come in Jesus name Amen.


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    Austin says:

    Happy Birthday Sir

  2. Reply
    Oluwatobi says:

    Happy birthday sir. You will spend your days in plenty and your years in prosperity. I celebrate you sir

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