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The blessing is a substance

The blessing is a substance. It is a mark which must come upon a man before heaven can open unto such a man for events of success to begin. The blessing is a sign that qualifies a man to attract favour and resources and people that will help any man to be lifted to attain his divine destination. On the other hand, the curse must come upon a man before the enemy can attack or before his attack can be successful. Num 22:6… If the blessing can be lifted and a curse can be placed then such a person can be afflicted. But once the blessing cannot be lifted and the curse has nowhere to hang on…such a man can never fail, the enemy attacks cannot last. Num 22:12…

The weight of the blessing on us was placed through the death burial resurrection ascension and sitting of Christ. And the price to remove the curse of sin has been paid by Christ eternally and God has marked us blessed. God was satisfied with the pain he bore for our sins Isa 53:10&11. Instead of cursing on us, we have the blessing on us (Gal 3:13-14) hence events and circumstances of favour are commanded to work in our favour.

Let this be your reality. You are the blessed of God..Christ qualifies you as a blessed man as such, you can’t lack, things must work in your favour. All you need must come and no man can curse you forever and ever. Amen.

Enjoy the fruits of the blessed life in Christ.


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