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Yoke of Delay and Stagnation Broken Forever

Evening sir. A testimony has been coming to my spirit for some time and I want to thank and share it with you sir.

In 2014 when we were in Liberia I had the privilege to relate with you in many occasions in which I deliberately was tapping grace from you, one of which was the grace to be a Major even then as a Lt. In this particular occasion sir, you requested for my football boot to use then. Sir, when I gave you that booth the Holy Spirit asked me what I wanted from you and I answered “the grace to be a Major” which i knew I rapped from you immediately.

In my unit then sir, from 2012 till when I was promoted a Major no offr had ever written and passed SSCQE first attempt and I was posted back to the unit then from where I wrote my SSCQE. But sir, because of my contact with you, it was not only different in my turn, the yoke was also broken because of my connection with you back then sir. I was promoted first attempt and another officer who was also promoted first attempt ( my senior) was posted in.

My testimony is that not only was I promoted but that yoke of delay and stagnation upon officers of that unit has been broken forever. I want to thank you specially for the grace you carry and your work in ministry.

God bless you tremendously sir.

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