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I got Admission

Faithful God oh Faithful God… Faithful God oh Faithful God only you deserve the Glory in my life only you deserve the Glory oh Faithful God
Indeed God is faithful
I graduated from secondary school in 2018 since then I’ve been looking for admission I passed my jamb and post utme still I won’t be given admission
In 2020 when I attended Heaven Upon Earth Believer’s Conference in August during prayer session Daddy prayed for me and He said my admission has come, I keyed into it, I traveled to write my post utme exams, came back and everything was fine.
This morning 12th March 2021 I decided to check my admission status online when I heard abt my friend’s admission and in the process of checking I said God pls do it for me Lo and behold I checked and I’ve been offered admission
God kept His promise because He’s a God who never fails
Glory to His name 🙌🙌🙌

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