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Spiritual, Supportive Smart Woman

Spiritual, Supportive Smart Woman

Knows how to talk to a man. Hence, She will never be broke in her life, she will never be alone, she will never be with the wicked, why? Because she knows how to talk to her man and other men. She knows what to say and when to say it..1 Sam 25

  • She knows how to recognize the difference in people, especially her man and other men.
  • She knows how, when and with what words to welcome her man, other men and how to say no or yes to her man and other people.
  • She knows who to follow. Ruth followed Naomi.
  • She obeys the one she decides to follow and submits to the one that finds her…Ruth:Naomi/Boaz
  • She is not available to everyone or just anyone…prov 31
  • She goes to fetch water alone .. Rachael
  • She is single- separated, holy and unique
  • She is the daughter of a King . Joshua 14&15 Aschar daughter of Caleb
  • She is a female shepherd. She leads many to waters .
  • She is decisive..& ready to go with the will of God…Gen 24:56-61
  • She is found by the waters…always immersed in the word..submerged under the word always…
  • She is spontaneous..specific
  • She keeps the words of her man and mentor to heart. Aschar
  • She influences her husband to take more mountains
  • She is the daughter of the king – Zech 9;9
  • She is known for something unique…Queen of Sheba..known for the question, Deborah for leadership, Lydia for selling purple… etc
  • She knows how to dance and host the king in her husband..Esther
  • She never screams to win. She doesn’t scream when she argues, she squeezes are palms when she argues. She is soft-spoken. She uses her hands to touch and caress the king when he is angry, not to slap or strike or break things.
  • She settles her matters in the house and in her home. She won’t take her man to the streets.
  • She sows seeds for specific harvest
  • She is a master in learning..acts like she knows nothing.. ready to learn anything…humble to learn..quick to listen..slow to speak…
  • She knows how to delegate..


Be the spiritual, supportive and smart woman in Christ

Ajibade Bello

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