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Something to think About

So this picture was taken during a game. While everyone was engrossed, the little boy was on his phone. Suddenly, the bat flew off and seemed destined for the boy’s face.

While everyone took cover, the boy’s father stretched out his hand and protected his son from harm.

This picture in many ways describes God, our Father, who constantly keeps watching over us. While we sleep, snore and slumber, God is awake. While we walk, He ensures our feet do not dash against a stone. While there is pestilence or arrows, whether by day or at night, our Father covers us.

Now, it is possible that in the morning, before the game that little boy disobeyed his father or even refused to follow his father’s instructions by keeping the phone aside. However, when harm came calling the paternal love was greater than the son’s intransigence.

This is the same way, God does not expose us to harm to teach us “a lesson”. God does not allow sickness to ravage our bodies to teach us obedience. Truth is, we do nothing to EARN God’s love. Despite our failings, God still loves us and would stretch out His hands to protect, provide and cuddle us. God does this because of Jesus. By accepting the forgiveness of sins which is only offered through Christ Jesus, we respond to love, God has demonstrated.

Relax, knowing that God the Father has gone ahead of you makes the crooked paths straight.

Have a beautiful week.

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