Mighty Supply of Heaven – God blessed me with a New Phone

Testimony By SIS EA (GTP Abuja) – New Phone

I have been trusting God for a new phone since last year, coz my phone was not it at all and I really needed a change. And I’ve been praying and believing.
Yesterday morning, I got back from my shift and was trying to relax. Just like that, my elder brother came to the house and said I should back up all I had on my phone and delete them, that he’s coming back to collect it, then he left. I was a bit confused initially. But after some minutes he came back with a phone for me. I even requested for another brand, and he changed it to what I wanted.

My hallelujah is plenty Sir😁😁😁

I’m eternally grateful to God, I have a New Phone😅


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    Esther says:

    Congratulations sister. Thank God for divine provision

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