Message from Itinerant/ Prospector on 3rd year of GTP Ministries commencement!

This year’s celebration of the third year of the outgoing of the river of GTP Ministries is more meditative and reflective. I will like you to sit and look at how this Ministry has been a channel of blessing to you, others, and mankind all towards eternity and help thank God for all that he has done and that which has been done but yet to be made manifest… I like you to thank God for the Itinerant/Prospector and family for his help all the way and ways ahead. You may also wish to type a special testimony on the impact of the ministry to you in general or a specific Testimony and share it with us on the Testimony Page, WhatsApp Group, and even in the comment section below. Thank you as you do so

As God told me, GtP has entered the land flowing with milk and honey a season and phase of double ease..we have hit base rock like a driller of borehole…and we have broken through the rock and water, good clean water has come forth…that gushing currents of virtues of the living water has emerged in us and rushes forth like a spring of water in Jesus name. Amen. The image I see is as a video I will add and so has it become for all members, partners, and family of this Great work.

As Prospector, I will continue to help through the Holy Spirit to help many realise their potential in Christ, by Christ, and through Christ. Treasures and Pearls don’t usually know they are treasures or Pearls… it takes someone with such eye and patience to find them, clean them, and set them up. That has been our goal and main mission and that’s why the name stands… We find you or vice versa, we speak the word to clean..John 15:3.. you up and then we make you see your self as that great treasure and pearl as spoken of in Matt 13:44&45…we remove the dross as in Prov 25:4 and then set you up without any limitation to go forth into the world as sheep among wolves and do exploits even Greater than Christ did as in John 14:12….while been wise as serpents and gentle as doves…Matt 10:16…..

Thank you for all your support, spoken wishes, prayers, and seeds to us on this anniversary…The ministry has never lacked resources because you ways remember to give periodically and spontaneously. My God and Christ reward you and multiply grace to give more upon you. Amen.

As Itinerant, I say God has blessed you, and because you believe my words not as words of men but as the words of God, hence I decree that the words I speak become more effectual in your life in Jesus name. Amen. 1 thes 2:13. Amen.!!!



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    Victoria Odeh E says:

    Congratulations to GTP ministry for her 3rd year anniversary, may God continue to increase us both physical and spiritually to take His words to greater heights in Jesus name amen

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