JER 1:10&11/JN 13:14&15/Matt 20:8&9


We are glad to introduce our devotional, Under the Almond Tree; Feet Washing. Welcome and take a sit Under the Almond Tree, as we wash your feet with the fresh release of the Word of God in these devotionals from the Itinerant, Greater Treasures and Pearls Ministries.  These sessions under the Almond Tree are commissioned as inspired by the provision in Jer 1:10 and question with answer in Jer 1 :11.  The event in Jn 13 and task specified in verse 14 and 15 confirm this assignment and period for the devotional which is in the evening.  Additionally, the parable in Matt 20 and reward that came in verses 8 and 9 assure me of the end state and reward for those of us who give attention to read, meditate and practice what will be coming to after our feet are washed under this Almond Tree.  The streams of Power through the word of God from this River Head will wash our feet and make us clean again after much activity Day by Day, especially in this Eleventh Hour. Most of us are used to devotionals at the early hours of the day, however, this comes at the end of the day as against the usual, to wash our feet and remove any debris along the day and calm our nerves as we lay to sleep.  The words as waters from this source in Christ are to assure you that you are still in tune with Christ, to remove any debris the day may have brought, and strengthened the good you have grabbed as well.  It comes to give you some sweet incense to sleep like a little child in God's arms and arise to shine as a light to the world.  Amen! Please, read, study, meditate, pray, and share with others. Happy days and Good Reports are yours. Amen!!!!



GtP Ministries