The Month of March remains the Month of Good Reports (Num 13) we abide at the Brook Eshcol like the month of February. We are matching round the Brook Eshcol where there are a cluster of grapes and laying hold on the abundance of harvests of mercy and grace and unctions for help for all needs, we are prepared to approach Jordan for it shall part for us because the feet of the anointed and ark bearers shall be emersed in the waters of Jordan. (Joshua 3:7-17)Amen!

We thank God for bringing us into the year of Breaking Forth. We rejoice for this year is for Happy Days, we thank God for Good Things in January and the seasons of Good Reports that he brought us into in February and now we are overflowing in Mega of Good Reports in March

We obtain mercy boldly(Heb 4:16) to be used to seize opportunities and every of our steps and goings are established. (Psalm 40:1-4)

The giants in this period have become small (Num 13:31) and still (Psalm 8:2). We hear and give attention and priority to the still small voice (1 Kings 19:12) and we are led by the light of the word upon our feet and along our path(PS 119:105). We engage the word in practical terms and break our fallow grounds (Jer 4:4, Hosea 10:12)by deep sessions of prayers in spirit and we seize sowing among thorns. Rather our arms are strengthened (Eph 3:16) to enable us to uproot, to pull down, and break anything in our midst that attempts to exalt itself above the word of God. The hardness of the heart is taken away. Amen!

The works of satan, the stony grounds, and the thorns he has sown in fruitful fields are broken, uprooted, and burnt as chaff. We are free and our seeds brood, germinate and bring forth harvests in 1000 folds. (Mark 4:20)

We the righteous are delivered and we return with the first ripe grapes on our shoulders. We are of as Joshua and Caleb, we see all mountains as small and lead men to be able to take sectors, cities, businesses, and any ventures along the month.

In this month, the new generation ability (1 Pet 2:9, Joel 2:7-14) manifests and increases in us, making us able to henceforth, run through troops and leap over walls.

We are one with the father (John 10:30) as such we have good courage, for no man shall be able to stand before us for God has said he will never leave us no forsake us (Heb 13:5).

We give much attention to doing the work of ministry, and take heed to fulfil the services of God in our hands (Gal 4:17)

We are going, we groan and give cheerfully (Luke 6:38, 2 cor 9:7) for the growth of the work of the kingdom.

Honour and help to the anointed is yielding words upon us that causes rapid explosion of multiplication (1Kings 4) and miracles that makes these good reports to become a daily routine manifesting from the constant supplies of the spirit (Eph 4:16, Phil 1:19) of God to all of us in the GTP Ministries and other brethren all over the world. Amen!!!

Welcome to the Month of March. Study, confess and pray by the above declaration and see your Good Reports manifest…

The Itinerant
GtP Ministries


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    Biola says:

    Hallelujah Jesus.. it is my month of beautiful things in Jesus name.

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    DECLARATION AND PROPHECY FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL - Greater Treasures and Pearls Ministries says:


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