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The GTP Ministries is an itinerary ministry established by the inspiration of God upon the Itinerant; Bade. He is called to simplify and give life and practicality to the Word of Faith, the Word of Truth, and the Word of the Kingdom. His assignment is to bring all to God, bring God to all, Magnify God in all, magnify all in Him, and put the world in their hands.

The GTP Ministries has a duty to educate, expose and empower Believers for the return of Christ. We have a purpose, we follow a process, and adopt a Day-by-Day plan by which we fulfill the ministry that God has given us in Christ.

Bade, the Itinerant is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Called to teach the Truth on Christ and His message of love and dominion to mankind.

He is an Eleventh Hour Son of God; A Minister of the Love (Unmerited Favour), the Peace (Truth), and the Power (Grace) of God. The ministrations of the Word of God through him have continuously yielded the Answer of Peace in the lives of his audience. He is anointed of God and has continuously and progressively manifested the glory of God with miracles, signs, and wonders following wherever he goes.

He is married and the Glory of God manifests in his home, ministry, and career. This Glory makes all things work positively by all means, in all places, at all costs, and always.


Giving expression to the presence, Power, and Prophetic gifts in Christ Jesus through the Word of Faith and the Holy Spirit Manifestations


To the Gospel(Good News) of the Finished Work of Christ Jesus around the world and extend the benefits of the Manifold Grace in Eternal Life to All Mankind

Matthew 20:8; 3 John 2; 1 Corinthians 5:9

Bro. Benard Austin

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